Spring Wedding's

18 April 2016

Spring is a popular time for Weddings, not only for the beautiful pastel shades of yellows and greens but also because there is an abundance of gorgeous flowers to include in your Wedding theme.  There are many reasons why spring Weddings have become so popular for instance, the weather tends to be less extreme no melting in high heat or chilly legs on a cold day, spring is for new beginnings, flowers are starting to grow, trees are beginning to blossom.  You can avoid the crowds with a spring honeymoon rather than at peak season in the summer (and don’t forget it will also be cheaper).  Attendance from guests will be higher as people are not trying to fit in with their summer holiday plans. We have a wide variety of Wedding Hampers available, whether it’s for the bride and groom themselves or a thank you to someone who has helped out.  If you can’t find what you are looking for you might like to create your own hamper or call us and one of the Purely Devon Hampers team will give you a helping hand in creating the perfect gift!

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