Mother's Day 2017

27 February 2017

Mother’s Day - Sunday 26th March

Mother's Day is a special day celebrated worldwide. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday in Lent, people spoil their mums with gifts.  This tradition has been going for about 400 years.  Simnel cake, a rich fruit cake with marzipan is often eaten on Mother’s Day, for the recipe take a look at our recipe section.

As a daughter, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to spoil and thank my Mum for raising me and to show her how much I appreciate her as a Mum.  Traditional gifts for Mother’s Day are flowers and chocolates although nowadays you can buy many novelty items such as mugs, picture frames, keyrings that can be personalised with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.  As a mum I enjoy being brought breakfast in bed, endless cups of tea throughout the day, Willies Cacao chocolate (sea flakes being my favourite) and time spent together as a family.  Whether you are a new mum, stay at home mum, single mum or work full time mum, it is a day to celebrate Motherhood (so make the most of it!)  Spoil your mum with a Purely Devon Hamper.