12 April 2016

In the 16th Century ‘Flapjacks’ were thought to have been a pancake or a flat tart.  The word ‘flap’ meant ‘to flip’.  A little later flapjack was used to describe something similar to an apple flan.  In 1935 the word ‘flapjack’ was first used to describe a food made of oats. A flapjack is a tray baked oat bar which can be sweet or savoury, made from rolled oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup.  In Australia and New Zealand they refer to a flapjack as a ‘muesli bar’ or a ‘cereal bar’.  ‘Flapjacks’ are quick and easy to make.

We stock 3 different flavours of Flapjack here at Purely Devon Hampers, supplied by Flapjackery in Dartmoor, the very popular Cream Tea Flapjack which is delicious and melts in the mouth, the Cheddar & Red Onion Marmalade Snackjack which for all you savoury lovers out there is a must, and then at Christmas we have Mince pie Flapjacks which make a lovely change from traditional Mince pies.