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Basil & Tomato Quiche

20 June 2016

A tasty quiche with the flavours of the Mediterranean combined with the finest Traditional Extra Mature Cheddar from Quickes Traditional. Delicious either hot or cold with a green salad dressed with a Strawberry Balsamic & Mint Dressing from Suzanne’s and crushed new potatoes. 

Basil & Tomato Quiche



  • 500g/ 1lb2oz Plain Flour
  • 250g/9oz Butter
  • Pinch Salt
  • Water


  • 4 Free-range eggs
  • ½ Pint Milk
  • 250g/9oz Quickes Traditional Extra Mature Cheddar (grated)
  • 1 Pot of Fresh Basil
  • 1 Onion (finely chopped)
  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • 250g Punnet plum Tomatoes
  • Tbs Garlic Oil - Bell & Loxton
  • Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper


1. First make the pastry by adding all the ingredients either to a food processor or bowl and combine until it resembles coarse breadcrumbs, next slowly add enough water to combine into dough. Wrap in Clingfilm and put in the fridge for 30 minutes to rest.

2. Melt the garlic oil in a heavy based saucepan and cook the chopped onion and crushed garlic clove until soft. Half the plum tomato and add to the onions and soften for five minutes.

3. Warm you oven to 180C/170 fan oven. To make the filling beat the eggs together with the milk, then add the onion and tomato mixture, extra mature cheddar, chopped basil and salt and pepper, stir gently to combine.

4. When your pastry has rested roll out onto a floured surface until you have a circle large enough to line the base and sides of a 23cm round loose-bottomed flan tin.

5. Once you have lined the tin gently pour in the filling and spread the sweet corn and the chive mixture evenly over the pastry. Place on the middle shelf of the oven and bake until set and golden on top, approximately 30-40 minutes.

6. Remove from the oven, enjoy.